Film Project Timeline

We are fully engaged in planning this film project:  thinking about concepts and themes; scripting a compelling story; integrating historical images; and planning the sound and music design.  Our timeline calls for shooting the film during the summer and early autumn  and then editing film from October of this year through May of 2017.  If all goes according to plan we will have a finished film by late summer of 2017 and hold screenings in Monterey and Los Angeles in October.  Our first goal is to document and explain the personal courage and compassion of the Americans who signed the petition welcoming back the Japanese Americans who were incarcerated in internment camps during WWII.  Our second goal is to integrate Profiles in Courage and Compassion into the curricula of secondary and high schools and colleges.  Our third goal is to expand public awareness by making this documentary available for public television broadcast.  When completed, we will have a compelling story about Monterey Peninsula citizens who exemplified human compassion and courage in their word and deed of welcoming back Japanese Americans from the WWII internment camps.   

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