Summer Interns for M:PCC

As part of the M:PCC documentary, we have hired three college students as summer interns.  The search process was coordinated by Rick McCombs and the oral interviews were conducted by Rick McCombs, Carolyn McCombs, Tim Thomas and David Yamada.  Out of fifteen applicants, seven were interviewed, and three were selected.  The three summer interns are:  Jacob McDonald, MPC; Nicholas McCullough, MPC; and Tyrus Torres, CSUMB.  We are fortunate to have these three enthusiastic and competent interns to help with our documentary project.  Their assignments will evolve with need, but will include locating descendants, searching online and combing library archives for relevant documents and images that define the 1940s, reconstructing the historical context in which the petition signators and camp internees lived their lives, assisting David Schendel in the filmmaking process, and writing summary reports to the CJAH board.  Congratulations to Jacob, Nicholas, and Tyrus and welcome to the M:PCC team.

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