Videographer/Editor Selected

Videographer/Editor.  Following an exhaustive search of several highly qualified videographers, CJAH selected David Schendel of Schendel Films in San Francisco, CA as the filmmaker for our film project Monterey: Profiles in Courage and Compassion.  David will direct, shoot and edit our 26-minute documentary.  Born in Massachusetts and raised in Minnesota, Schendel has long pursued an evolving and successful career in the arts and film.  A graduate of the University of Washington School of Drama, Schendel honed his creative talents by focusing on classical theater, directing and filmmaking.  David’s film portfolio includes his award-winning Yank Tanks (2002) which has screened at several film festivals, on PBS, and the Sundance Channel.  His recent film, The Comedy Club (2015),documents the history of stand-up comedy at the famous venue, Cobb’s Comedy Club, in San Francisco.  At the 2016 Cinema at the Edge (CATE) film festival in Los Angeles, The Comedy Club, directed by Schendel, received the jury award for best documentary.

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