Documentary Filming has Launched.

On June 22-23, 2016, David Schendel was in Monterey to film our first descendant-interview with Howard Brunn, a Carmel resident whose parents signed the petition welcoming back Japanese Americans from the internment camps.  The location for this filming was the JACL Hall stage and the background setting, arranged by Larry Oda,consisted on shoji screens and bonsai plants kindly provided by master sensei, Katsumi Kinoshita.  Following the Brunn interview, Schendel interviewed Tim Thomas and filmed Tim’s discovery of the original petitions with 434 signatures.  While in town, Schendel visited the Buddhist Temple where he was kindly hosted by Akemi Ito.  Schendel also toured the Tor House, a  famous stone house built by Robinson Jeffers, a famous poet and petition signator.  David scouted these two sites as possible locations for future documentary shoots.  All in all, great interviews, nice screen-grabs, and a productive start for our documentary project.

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