Otemae Choodai itashimasu

“Otemae Choodai itashimasu” (I will partake of the tea you have prepared for me).

The Japanese American Citizens League (JACL) of the Monterey Peninsula hosted an Urasenke Tradition tea ceremony demonstration to celebrate the new year with community members on Saturday, January 7th at the historic Monterey Peninsula JACL Hall. Approximately 80 people enjoyed a bowl of matcha tea and sweets offered by the local tea schools of the Urasenke Practice.  
This event was part of the series of JACL’s monthly “Nakayoshi” gatherings in which Japanese and related cultural topics are shared with the community. The demonstration was done in “Ryurei style” in which both hosts and guests sit on chairs instead of sitting on tatami mats. As part of the demonstration hosted by Anne Oda, one of the members of the JACL Board, each participant was served Konpeito and Ohigashi sweets followed by a bowl of Usucha (matcha tea). They also learned phrases such as “osakini” (I will partake before you, thank you for letting me do so) “otemae chodai itashimasu” (I will enjoy the tea that you prepared for me).

The monthly Nakayoshi gatherings are held on the first Saturday of the month at the JACL Hall at 1:00 PM. Next month’s activity will be a Lion Dance demonstration by the Monterey Bay Lion Dance Club.  

For more information contact Anne Oda Cell (831) 970-8244. Email anne.oda@gmail.com

Anne Oda, demonstrating the Ryurei style tea serving.  [Left to Right: Dr. Krista Hanni, Chair, Big Sur Land Trust, Jikyaku (Second Guest); Mr. Larry Oda, National President, JACL, Shokyaku (First Guest); Ms. Mariko Yamashita, Narrator; Ms. Anne Oda, Teishu (Host); Ms. Maki Tomb, Hanto (Assistant)
Katsumi Kinoshita’s Nishikimatsu bonsai welcomed the guests at the entrance of the JACL Hall.

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