Puyallup Assembly Center Remembrance Gallery

Puyallup Valley Chapter of the JACL seeks support and endorsement of its effort to build the Puyallup Assembly Center Remembrance Gallery on the Washington State Fair (WSF) located in Puyallup Washington. It will be located under the iconic grandstands, where up to 1 million annual visitors will pass.

The goals of the Puyallup Assembly Center Remembrance Gallery are:

  • To bring awareness and education about the wartime incarceration experience which affect all people of Japanese descent. The impact of Executive Order 9066 extended to all Americans and is part of American history. Commonalities of detention camps, prisons, and permanent camps will be on display. that this historic injustice affected Eastern Washington and the whole United States, not just in the State of Washington on the WSF.
  • To honor the 7,600 Japanese and Japanese Americans who were unjustly removed from their homes and imprisoned on the Puyallup fairground during WWII. The names of over 7600 individuals will be
    permanently recorded and acknowledged.
  • To highlight the social injustices of this wartime experience and make comparisons to those being denied justice today to ensure this part of history is never repeated.

Please visit the Puyallup JACL site to make a donation and to learn more about the Puyallup Assembly Center Remembrance Gallery.

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